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Certified organic VS Non certified organic

Australian Certified Organic (ACO)'s newsletter of the great success of Wray Organic's first Expo on 17 - 18 May 2014 in Brisbane. Cocofrio is proud to participate in this great event which showcased only certified organic products. Wray Organic prides itself as being a certified organic market and cafe. They have branched out to 9 organic shops and cafes across Queensland within a short period of time due to increasing popularity and demand from the market. Their focus is certified organic fresh produce and products from local producers and growers. http://austorganic.com/wray-to-go/ The Expo has shed the light and re-educated public consumers the importance of buying certified organic products as opposed to non certified organic. "Organic" is a generic word that everyone can use without being regulated. Some have labelled and claimed their products as organic but have no certification. Therefore it is questionable of the amount of organic ingredients used. Whereas those products which are certified organic have gone through a thorough and strict audit process in order to be certified. As for Cocofrio our products are certified organic by ACO - Australian Certified Organic. Hence you can spot a bud logo and a certificate number on our label.

Healthy ice cream for those in need

Cocofrio-LogowebSacred Heart Mission logo

Cocofrio is proud to support the Sacred Heart Mission who work with people who are homeless and disadvantaged. The Mission provides a diverse and creative service that ensures people in need have access to necessities including housing, food and healthcare. We were very happy to recently donate over 450 litres of our delicious and healthy ice cream to the Sacred Heart Mission. This was served to those visiting the Mission’s dining hall in St Kilda as part of the free Meals Program that provides breakfast and lunch 365 days a year. Hundreds of people in need go every day to share a meal at the dining hall and we are happy that our donation put some smiles on their faces. We look forward to supporting the Sacred Heart Mission in the future. It’s a great organization making a huge difference to people’s lives.

Sacred Heart’s Chef gives Cocofrio the thumbs up

Chef-and-Ice-CreamWhat's absolutely delicious, sweet, comes in six natural flavours, is organic, non-dairy, gluten free and Australian made? The dining hall found out when a whole 90 large tubs of Cocofrio ice cream arrived in a refrigerated truck. The delicious donation, in assorted flavours including black sesame, salted caramel, caramel honey macadamia, hazelnut, mango and naked coconut, brought smiles to the faces of people coming in for a meal when it was served with desserts like apple crumble and fresh fruit salad. 

Pictured here is our chef Ian who opened the hazelnut Cocofrio ice cream. Chefs had to taste test the ice cream for quality control before serving it. Tough job but someone has to do it.

Yum. magazine editorial on Cocofrio!

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The November issue of Yum. gluten free magazine features a 2 page editorial on Cocofrio! Please click on the link below for the PDF version of article.

Yum. magazine Cocofrio editorial.

Cocofrio featured in “Real Fit Food” book launch


The launching of Real Fit Food book by renowned author and health coach of Miss Universe Australia 2014, Andi Lew, is going to be off the chart! A must have and read guidebook for those who care about their well being, training and most importantly who is eager to have a hot summer body all year round!! Andi has exposed very important facts and information regarding functional training, what to include in your groceries to achieve your goals, amazing recipes, and HOLD ON!! You hear it!! Eat DESSERTS, ICE CREAM, and CHOCOLATE without piling up ON those unwanted kilos!! COCOFRIO is a proud sponsor partner for REAL FIT FOOD book and the launching event on 11 June at 7pm at The Deck in Brighton.

Click here to watch Channel 7's Morning Show TV spot

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