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IBS awareness month

April is IBS Awareness month.  It is incredible that 1 in 7 people suffer from this condition.  Introducing a low FODMAP diet into your lifestyle can improve your digestive comfort and minimise your symptoms. The FODMAP Friendly App is a useful tool featuring meal plans, recipes and information on ways to improve your gut health. You can also find some helpful articles on their website. Cocofrio is proud to be FODMAP certified, made with love and only with the finest ingredients.


For those suffering from bloating and  IBS, the FODMAP Friendly website is an educational platform for consumers and health care professionals, designed to assist people on this specific diet to identify suitable food products. They have now launched their FODMAP Friendly App which features meal plans, recipes and information on ingredients. Cocofrio is featured in their app and we are proud our product complies with these standards and that we can offer our consumers a natural, healthy and delicious tasting ice cream. To download the app for free click here

Cocofrio’s interest overseas Continues

Cocofrio was involved in the International Brands Launching Event in November in SC Vivo City, Ho Chi Minh City. With the growing movement of people wanting to lead an organic and healthy lifestyle, it's no wonder Cocofrio was such a hit.  Many buyers and customers visited the stand showing a lot of interest in our product. We look forward to showcasing Cocofrio in future events in Vietnam.

success in the middle east continues

Cocofrio is excited to announce we have recently launched in The Sultan Centre in Kuwait which involves 10 Major hypermarkets, 5 convenience stores and an online store.  Our ice cream is also available on the Talabat platform allowing customers to order their Cocofrio online. We look forward to the success in the Middle East continuing throughout 2021 and beyond.
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