Top beach getaways Australia

Posted by Tintin Sealey


Nudey beach, Fitzroy Island, Far North QLD

Nudey beach lies just off the coast of Cairns on Fitzroy Island. The island is 95 per cent rainforest and is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef. Access to Nudey beach takes visitors along a 15-minute walking trail to the south-west side of Fitzroy Island. It offers views of the Cairns hinterland which is only a 45-minute boat ride away.  

Moonee Beach, Fitzroy Island, Far North QLD

Moonee beach is located 20 minutes north of Coffs Harbour. This relatively untouched coastline lies in a marine sanctuary and nature reserve home to kangaroos, koalas and dolphins. The beach is a perfect place to camp, surf, canoe and explore.  

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

Whitehaven Beach is a definite must see in the Whitsundays. The crystal clear waters and pristine white sand of Whitehaven stretch for over seven kilometres alone Whitsunday Island, the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays Island National park. Whitehaven is nature at its best and is the most photographed beach in Australia and repeatedly voted one of the best beaches in the world  

Turquoise Bay, Coral Coast, WA

As one of the finest snorkelling locations in Australia in the shallows of the Ningaloo Marine Park, it's no surprise of how ‘Turquoise’ Bay got its name. It's coral coast eaters are among the calmest, cleanest and clearest in Western Australia. The corals are just offshore so its relatively calm and cordial swimming with the underwater surprises and species. Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, the Ningaloo Reef is easily accessible just 50m-100m offshore.  

Dolly Beach, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

Dolly beach is located on the lower east side of Christmas Island and is only accessible by 4WD. It is Australia's largest rainforested island and is located on the great Java Trench. Like its neighbour Cossies, Dolly Beach is remote and untouched. It is simply stunning from the jungles to the beaches.