Our Ice Creams

Cocofrio organic coconut milk ice cream is based on visions

We're so excited about Cocofrio, and not just because it's the best organic coconut milk ice cream in the world. Our journey to bring Cocofrio to you has been an adventure based on these visions:

  • Tackling a food challenge to invent a product that delights everyone who tries it
  • Facing a nutrition test that could bring a better outcome to a popular but not always nourishing treat
  • Completing a health trial that combined exotic ingredients, stunning flavours and excellent production techniques to create a taste sensation that's really good for people
  • Building business opportunities for people who love to back a new idea that gets the nod for taste, nutrition, health, ethics and the environment
  • Creating a community that just keeps getting better for all involved

Cocofrio Coconut Milk Ice Creams are:

  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Fructose friendly
  • Vegan friendly (except Caramel Honey Macadamia)