Naturally Needing Ice Cream

Posted by Tintin Sealey

Ice cream makes everything better. We know this from the rom-com (romantic comedy) flicks depicting heartbroken females healing a breakup with a tub, or the children that instantly change into ‘good mood’ kids when taken on an ice cream outing! It’s a ‘no brainer’ and is the best way to cheer anyone’s day with the creamy, cold texture of softness that quenches and satiates our palettes.

The problem with “need / want” ice cream cravings is that we aren’t simply supposed to eat it daily! History shows that with the famous food being full of the bad stuff and laden with sugar; that we must eat it in moderation. But why hold back on something so good? Ok, we get it. It’s good but it’s bad, and this is where we decided to step in and create Ice cream that satisfies your moods, craving and actually is nutritious too!

Now you can eat the good cold stuff daily because we created this healing treat with no refined sugar, no dairy, (making is vegan), fodmap friendly, gluten free and organic! We can’t believe how good our own Ice cream is because it’s “naturally healthy”!

Not only can you eat Cocofrio daily, but if you’re not including enough good fats from plants in your daily diet, then you’ll have to eat a scoop or two every day to get the right amount of nutrition.

The fats that come from the coconut help to provide your hormones and nerve system with the fuel it needs to keep running well because they too are made up of fats. In particular the sex hormones are made up of fat and so too is the myelin sheath in your nervous system is too!

Eating Cocofrio keeps you well and this is where nutrition acts as medicine.

Since we are about feeding the love hormones and helping you feel loved, we wanted to inspire you with this “self-love” Valentine’s Day themed tub. Our Strawberry and Cacao chip flavored Ice cream is by far the most underrated. Because we use natural ingredients, you can really taste the berry and the cacao chip nibs are a refreshing crunch that break up the naturally sweet tang. Cacao is the unprocessed version of cocoa. Can you see how they’re both spelled a little different? If our foods are less processed it means it has even more nutrition because it contains micro-nutrition. These are vitamins and minerals.

No wonder you’re naturally needing and craving this now. Sorry, not sorry. Try a new flavor and celebrate you this Valentine’s Day!