Low FODMAP guide to surviving Christmas

Posted by Tintin Sealey


Watch out for Gravies, sauces, seasoning and stuffings

Roast meat and veggies can be a winner but watch out for the sauces and seasonings, stuffing. The good thing about roasts is that so long as they are not prepared with garlic or onion, they are normally an excellent choice for low FODMAP diet. But even if the cook does rub garlic on the outside for flavour, most people should be okay to eat a serve of meat from the inside of the roast.  

Unless dessert is specially made, it's probably off limits, except for fresh fruit and Cocofrio

Desserts are very tricky to navigate for a FODMAPPER. Regular plum pudding, fruit cake and mince pies are off the list, as is a standard trifle. Custard, on the other hand, can be suitable if made with lactose-free milk. Pavlova is also a safe option if the toppings are appropriate and of course, you can eat as much Cocofrio as you want!  

Plan your meals over the holiday season and speak to hosts ahead of time.

De-stress the kitchen by planning a simple but delicious low FODMAP Christmas menu. Spend a couple of hours in the kitchen and prepare meals that you could pop into the freezer.  Talking to the host before the big day also gives you a chance to explain your needs and see what can be done to help you.  

Drink sensibly

Alcohol is a gut irritant and can cause irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Also, some alcohols are high FODMAP. To slow down your alcohol consumption at parties alternate your beverages with chilled water in a wine glass.  

Get enough sleep

Missing out on a couple of hours of sleep can increase your stress levels and lead to mental exhaustion. In the lead up to Christmas try to skip the late night TV shows and opt for an early night instead.   IMG_1491