Learning to love yourself and your body

Posted by Tintin Sealey

  • Treat yourself how you would treat others
It’s so easy to put yourself down and say nasty to things to yourself, and sometimes we’re hardly even aware that you’re doing it. One way to become aware of this self destructive behaviour is to imagine if your dear friend was saying these things to you about herself. You’d probably call her crazy and it’d probably break your heart, right? Treat yourself as your best friend, she will thank you for it.   
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
In the golden age of social media, we’re constantly being fed images of typically beautiful women. Why doesn’t my stomach look like that? Why don’t my arms look like that in that shirt? It becomes a vicious cycle and it can feel impossible to get out of. Just remember, even that girl you follow on instagram who is perfect in your eyes, has her own list of troubles and insecurities just like the rest of us.  
  • Throw out the scale 
The scale can be the most torturous tool known to modern day. There are so many other things besides a stupid number on a scale that contribute to your wellness and your worth. Keeping your stress at bay, maintaining proper self care, eating a healthy diet! These factors are far more important than whatever that piece of glass/plastic is telling you.   
  • Take part in mindfulness activities 
Becoming present and fully aware of your own body (and mind) is key to loving not only your body, but your entire being. Mindfulness activities don’t have to take you hours or all day to participate in, they can just be a few minutes out of your day. This can include meditation, reading, listening to peaceful music, or journaling. Which one will you be trying first?   
  • Find one thing you truly love 
In a world where we’re told to dislike or want to change everything about ourselves, there’s nothing more badass than finding one thing (or more!) you truly love about yourself. Whether it’s your cheesy smile, your bright blue eyes, or stellar cheekbones, I promise you if you think just for a minute you will find something amazing about yourself.   
  • Learn to accept compliments 
The easiest, but maybe the most neglected task. When was the last time someone complimented you and you simply responded “thank you”? I mean, you didn’t respond with a compliment to the other person, or turn it down, or scoff at the words. Learn to say thank you! Learn to accept the compliments you so truly deserve.