Coconut Oil Hacks

Posted by Tintin Sealey

  1. Organic Toothpaste
Just mix the coconut oil with some baking soda to get a perfect organic toothpaste!
  1. Coconut Oil Soap
For people with sensitive skins, who don’t want to rely on products with unknown chemicals, this is the perfect choice.
  1. Coconut Lotion
You can use the Coconut oil as a lotion after taking a bath for rejuvenating your skin=
  1. Creamer Alternative (You will thank us for this one)
Early morning coffee can make or break your mood! To get the perfect blend, instead of using the creamer with high calories, add some coconut oil!
  1. Coconut and Toast
It’s not as weird as it sounds. It’s just the opposite, actually. Replace the butter with coconut oil for a healthier option.
  1. Chapstick
Rub some coconut oil on your chapped lips and help them heal better.
  1. Wound Recovery
As coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, it helps give relief to sunburn, rashes and event cuts!