Your Sweet Deal on Ice-Cream!

Posted by: Andi Lew

"Oh I'll just have a little bit of ice cream." That's what you say when the dinner host asks if you want some ice-cream with or for dessert, right? Well I'm about to propose a way your can have a lot more than a little. You certainly can't max out your caloric intake all on sweets in one sitting. All that sugar, we already know is not good for our waistlines. We also then start to measure the fats, and traditional ice-cream is just that! It's sugar, fat and let's not forget to mention the preservatives and artificial flavours that don't do our overall health any favours! Well, let me present you a very sweet deal. Oh yes, puns are always intended! Cocofrio Ice-cream alternativeā€¦

Is there such a thing as a healthy ice cream?

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

Can eating ice cream every day be healthy? Ice cream equals indulgence. Eating ice cream often leads to feelings of guilt. Why? It is sweet and full of sugar and contains a lot of calories. So, naturally eating ice cream will tend to make some people put on weight. Eating it regularly may contribute to weight gain, in the long run. So for many health-conscious people, the dominant thought following a delightful dessert of ice cream is to go for a run or to hit the gym to burn off the extra calories. Does this sound similar to doing penance for committing a sin? No wonder, ice creams have got a bad rap when it comes to health. Why not just eat ice creams inā€¦
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