Coconut milk instead of dairy milk?

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

Dairy milk and Coconut milk both have their own benefits however if you are vegan, lactose- intolerant or just don’t enjoy the taste of dairy milk, coconut milk is a plant-based alternative that contains no lactose and has a pleasant, creamy texture. Coconut milk is the liquid expelled from grated[.....]

Healthy and Happy Habits with Tess

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 3.16.11 pm
What do you find most unique about Cocofrio ice cream? The creaminess (yet dairy-free-ness), the little chunks of flavoursome crunch, the beautiful yet subtle taste of coconut. It’s just amazing. Name a food combination that sounds off, but (in your opinion) tastes delightful? Hummus and just about anything that doesn’t[.....]
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