The importance of Meditation

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

With the busy pace and demands on modern life, many people feel stressed and overworked. It often feels like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Our stress and tiredness can make us feel unhappy, impatient, more stressed and frustrated. It can even take an[.....]

Coco’s top 5 getaway destinations

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

The Maldives The Maldives are the stuff dreams are made of! Strung across the southwest of India and Sri Lanka, The Maldives are surrounded by luminous blue waters so if slipping into crystal clear sea is a top criteria for your perfect tropical holiday, this is the place to be,[.....]

Is the FODMAP diet for you?

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

FODMAP stands for Fermented, Oligo -, Di-, Monosaccharides and Polyols which are essentially carbohydrates that don’t digest well in some tummies.  A[.....]

Coconut milk instead of dairy milk?

Posted by: Tintin Sealey

Dairy milk and Coconut milk both have their own benefits however if you are vegan, lactose- intolerant or just don’t enjoy the[.....]
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