Posted by Tintin Sealey

Making small changes in your everyday lifestyle can have a long-term health effect with literally not much effort. Here are some ways you can implement it into your life:
  1. CEREAL: To start your day with healthy coconut milk, replace traditional dairy milk with coconut milk.
  1. SMOOTHIES: Lover of smoothies? Add on the coconut milk in any smoothie for as a healthy alternative.
  1. SOUPS: Substitute coconut milk as a base for any cream-based soup considering it has lower number of calories as compared to cream.
  1. Thai Cuisine: Coconut milk base for a Thai-inspired Curry makes the food healthier, tastier and more fragrant.
  1. OATMEAL: Use coconut milk as the liquid in oatmeal topping it with some bananas and cinnamon for a healthy meal.
  1. CHICKEN CURRY: For all the health-conscious curry lovers out there, add a can of coconut milk instead of cream as the best alternative in your favourite curry!