Our Philosophy Is To Deliver

Simply The Best Quality Product Whilst Caring For Your Wellbeing

Cocofrio: The beginning of a new tradition.

Cocofrio was born to fill a void. Everyone likes ice cream. Tintin Sealey was no exception. However, she realised that fulfilling the craving for a sweet dessert after a meal was not easy for many. She had friends and family around her with dairy and gluten sensitivities. They could not enjoy a cup of regular ice cream like most people.

When Tintin looked for an alternative, she saw that the supermarket shelves contained many ice cream choices but few dairy-free or gluten-free alternatives. She tasted the available dairy-free ice creams and found them either a poor substitute or unsatisfactory in terms of taste or healthy ingredients.

Tintin felt something was missing. She realised that most dairy-free or gluten-free ice creams were meant for vegans or those with lactose intolerance. These alternative ice creams were created especially for those who couldn’t eat regular ice cream because of their allergies or sensitivities. Since the dairy-free ice creams did not feel the need to compete with regular ice cream in terms of taste, choice of flavours or even health benefits, they were generally nothing but a pale alternative to the real thing.

Tintin realised that the key was not to create an alternative but a dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream that was as good as regular dairy ice cream or even better. Cocofrio is simply the result of this desire to create a better ice cream that everyone can enjoy.

Cocofrio was founded by Tintin to fulfil her desire to create a dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream that was both healthier and tastier. “We love a healthy life but we hate to compromise on enjoyment or flavour,” says Paul, Tintin’s husband and cofounder of Cocofrio. The philosophy of Cocofrio sums up this significant combination of taste and health benefits.

“Our philosophy is to deliver simply the best quality product while caring for the wellbeing of our customers.”

Cocofrio products are Australian, made in Melbourne.